About Me

I am a goofy guy who does tech & music stuff.

I received my Bachelor's Degree from Vassar College, where I majored in Computer Science and minored in Music Composition. I also used to study acting and singing professionally, but have not trained since I began working full-time. Currently I am employed at a fintech consulting firm, providing development & support for custom financial modeling applications for a variety of different clients.

The work I enjoy most involves the merging of my technical and artistic skills - which application development/support & music scoring have both provided great outlets for. I'd be interested in expanding on my experience by branching out & developing skills, for example, with audio engineering, game development, and where applicable, both (ie, game music score and/or sfx - always thought this would be a fun project).

This personal website's been a pet project of mine for many years, and while it's not the best website in the world, it's something I'm proud of - except for the blog (which I added after the fact), I built this website entirely from scratch using only raw php, html, css & javascript code, plus some image editing work with Adobe Fireworks (which to this day I still prefer over Photoshop). The blog itself is powered by Wordpress, but exists mostly as a database & raw text - the front-end inherits as much as possible from the parent site dynamically.

Another guy bought ".com" before I could. I'm super bitter about it.